Handcrafted with unrivaled technical precision. Our passion to create engineered diamonds is certified by leading gemological institutes. The results are truly identical to the physical, chemical and optical properties of natural mined diamonds without the hefty price tag.

diamonds_2WHO WE ARE
Gordon Max has been fostering the changes of the diamond industry, breaking traditions and creating a green alternative. With over a decade of experience in this industry, we provide clients with only the highest quality Cultured Diamonds and Simulated Diamonds, laboratory grown from Europe. Using innovative and proprietary science, the result is equivalent to D-Colour and flawless grade mined diamonds. Every Gordon Max stones are skillfully hand-cut and hand-polished to ensure maximum reflection and refraction of light for brilliance and fire. At Gordon Max, we offer you a world of sparkling possibilities.

Based on a simple principle:
“Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment”

Cultured diamonds do not undermine the environment. We are implementing a variety of emission-reduction programs, including electricity from renewable sources.

We are pushing the boundaries of this ever-changing technology, our goal is to provide you the most scientifically advanced engineered diamonds.

Our Diamonds grown in approximately 12 weeks, guaranteeing continuous supply. No soil movement, negligible air pollution, lesser water consumption and high employee safety standards.

Lab grown diamonds are usually 30% less cost compared with earth-mined diamonds, offering you significant savings on your dream design, giving you flexibility to invest in what matters most.

We can provide “Type Ha” White and Pink pure grown diamonds, the rarest category of diamonds  Only 2% of earth-mined diamonds are Type Ha.


Our team of dedicated Master Cutters, Jewelry Designers, and Sales Executives are a vital factor for our success in the competitive international environment in which we operate. We believe that a successful implementation of our ethical and sustainability strategy can only be achieved by valuing, challenging and rewarding our employees. Through this, our dedicated employees and their ability to deliver great customer experiences are what distinguish us from our competitors.

Responsibility in terms of jewelry manufacturing. We can guarantee that our products are conflict-free and that we definitely do not condone anything that will devalue life. Also, by upholding strict rules within our programs, we ensure that we bring a Green Alternative – The Gordon Max Choice – at the forefront of fashion. We adhere to the mantra that real celebration of beauty comes with innovative responsibility.


Star rating:

I have bought simulants from ____ in Sydney - very average stone, but good setting. In my opinion, I wouldn't buy one again. Bought a pendant from _____, stone was disgusting and the setting about as solid as a paperclip. The production line service is really bad. Looks good on my puppy though! I've quoted my purchases from Gordan Max several posts ago. I'm addicted. I think these stones have more shine, more brilliance, more refraction, more everything but price. It's the colour (D), cut and clarity (IF) that make them more beautiful than your average natural diamond. So, yes there is a visible difference, but it's a beautiful one. Oh, there is no visible difference when using a jeweller's loop either. Perfect or average, your choice. -  BLOG: http://forums.vogue.com.au/showthread.php?t=174131&page=12


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I am one of the believers of Gordon Max and also a very proud owner. I own real diamonds and match it with my Gordon Max. They all thought its the real thing. - BLOG: http://www.lovelovemedo.com/?p=933#comment-265

Lila - Australia

Star rating:

I just wanted to comment on the yellow stones i purchased in KL recently. I took them to my jeweller at home in Perth, and he told me the 8ct. stone was beautifully cut. He is making a ring for me. He asked me where I bought it from. I'm so happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Megan - Australia

Star rating:

I have been told that yours is the best quality of lab made diamonds. I have been into another store here doing the same thing but they don't seem to be that good compared to yours. Bought a 2.4 carat pear it's stunning!

Angelica - New York

Star rating:

It has been more than 2 years since I last bought the simulated diamond and set into a ring. I have been using it daily since then, but the amazing thing is that it always looks like I bought it yesterday.

Gina - Philippines

Star rating:

I attended a gathering with some of my affluent friends. The ring and pendant that I bought from GordonMax was noticed because of its lustre and brilliance. I just told them it was a gift. It will be our little secret.

Desmond - Malaysia

Star rating:

Thank you very much Gordon Max for making my wife's Christmas very special. The earrings that I gave her, were perfect. I appreciated your company's service during the holiday season. I will shop again.

Jennifer - Los Angeles, USA

Star rating:

All I can say is WOW! The ring is more beautiful than I expected.

Miguel - Argentina

Star rating:

With a S$5,000 budget, I bought a set of earrings, necklace and ring for my fiancée with money to spare!

Trina S. - Singapore

Star rating:

I could not tell that it was not a natural diamond. With a lower cost and lifetime warranty, you could still wear it knowing that it will be as beautiful and lasting.

Chris - England

Star rating:

I bought a stone from one of your outlets in Singapore last year and had it made into a ring when I returned to England. I am so pleased with it that I would like to purchase another loose stone.

Saumya A.

Star rating:

With the recession slashing incomes, diamond simulants may be the next bling thing." "If all that's separating you from owning a flawless, top-quality diamond is a budget short of a few zeroes, you may want to step into the Gordon Max outlet in Atria Mall, Worli. The eight-year-old European brand has been selling diamond simulants – high-quality imitation diamonds – in India since 2007. The not-quite-gems are lab-grown, hand-cut and hand-polished in the ideal "hearts and arrows" proportions, are guaranteed to shine brilliantly for a lifetime – and are available at roughly one-third the price of natural diamonds. " This is an excerpt from the article Carbon Copy published in TIMEOUT Magazine India. To read the whole wonderful article please click on: http://www.timeoutmumbai.net/consume/shopping_details.asp?code=284&source=3

K, Singapore

Star rating:

I would like to specially mention the 3 staff - Mei, Janice and Jerome who have helped me during my recent purchases. They have been most helpful and warm. I tried on countless items before buying but Janice and Jerome were ever so patient and quick in coming up with suggestions and solutions." "It has certainly made the experience of purchasing from Gordon Max most enjoyable and pleasant. Thank you!

Jennifer K.

Star rating:

I will be in Kuala Lumpur around Easter 2010. I want to purchase a round stone 8mm diameter. This is to replace a stone I currently have set. I like the Royal Ice or Crown Brilliant as they have most facets. I purchased some stones from you earlier this year & I am very happy with them. Thanks & regards.

Dolores Tay

Star rating:

More Bling For Your Buck "...I did my usual research on foot (an excuse for shopping!) and found that retailers offering cubic zirconias and diamond substitutes in most of the malls carry products that are of poor quality: With one look, you'd know they were fake. But, of course, there was one brand that stood out - gordonMax..." read more at: http://www.divaasia.com/article/11156

Terry K.

08.22.2016 Star rating: 5

My fiancé and I chose the Princess cut as my engagement ring. We loved it from the moment we saw it online, but words cannot express how gorgeous it is in person. I am delighted. The ring is a classic and dreamy. I've received so many compliments! Stone:2.5ct. round stone SMART Diamonds Metal:18K white gold

Lucy D.

02.17.2015 Star rating: 5

Very pleased with this ring! I have a 2.75 carat round cut stone, I wanted a solitaire to go with my diamond wedding band. I admit I was a little skeptical at first, but after doing research this is by far the best choice I could have made. The brilliance of the stone is so beautiful, I have received so many compliments. Thank you so much GM a for creating such a beautiful ring.

Tina F.

06.22.2016 Star rating: 5

The first time I saw the ring I felt in love with it right away. Then I learned what the company stands for and Im loving it even more. I got the Marquise 6 claw setting with Melee stones.

Nina R.

05.22.2015 Star rating: 5

❤️ I purchased a heart shape 3 carat bail less pendant. I cant express my joy when I learned about Gordon Max Smart diamonds. Let's say my heart jumped for joy. Thank you again Gordon Max!


In order to reduce our carbon footprint and our commitment to the standard of sustainability. Sourced from existing pieces of jewelry, electronic chips, and industrial-use metals, we use reclaimed precious metals that are re-refined back into it’s purest form. The metals are then processed under strict quality control choosing only the finest Gold, Palladium or Silver in all our fine jewelry. This initiative has given our company culture to be responsible, we use recycled papers and material for our packaging and collaterals. We are also contributing to sustainable livelihoods, transforming lands into organic agricultural areas.

Sourced from existing pieces of jewelry, electronic chips, and industrial-use metals, we use reclaimed precious metals that are re-refined back into it’s purest form.




Gordon Max is committed to building a brighter future for the community. Each time you purchase a Gordon Max Cultured Diamonds 5% of the profits goes toward environmental restoration and economic development through our corporate giving programs.